Community Responders LLC

Be Prepared!

Disasters happen....are you prepared?



Community Responders offer easy to understand, yet extremely useful courses and information around disaster and emergency preparedness. We can assist with creating an Emergency Action Plan for your family or business; identitfy hazards that you may need to prepare for, in addition to teaching you important basic medical skills to care for yourself or others during and after the emergency. 

Business clients can benefit from our training to aid in getting back to business sooner following a disaster. 

Our awareness courses teach individuals about the kinds of hazards that are present and what to do to keep yourself, your family, or customers safe. We offer classroom instruction on basic Incident Command classes for clients needing to develop a response structure, as well as for those needing these courses for employment requirements, but would prefer a classroom setting over computer training.

Hospitals and clinical clients can benefit from the Hospital Emergency Response Training course. Our lead trainer and owner is an Authorized Indirect Trainer for FEMA and the Center for Domestic Preparedness, and can host this training at your clinical setting for your disaster response team!

Contact us to inquire about scheduling any of our Emergency Preparedness courses